Self Adhesive Tactiles - Bumpeez

A shank-less first to market, fully endorsed, health and safety tactile alert system that uses 3M adhesive.

The 3M adhered version offers an incredibly versatile system that can provide an instant DDA and Equality Act 2010 compliant tactile surface to any platform edge, stairway or ramp due to their unique installation methodsu

Manufactured from Stainless Steel grade 3016 or Nylon thermoplastic monomer. 

Fully approved by London Underground for use in under-ground and over-ground stations. They are also approved under the Section 12, LU 1-085 Fire Safety standard, endorsed and used by Network Rail and fully compliant with BS 8300: 2009 anu amendment A1: 2010

Coarse Anti-Slip Discs come in boxes of 250.


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White Black Yellow Stainless Steel